BENGUARD warns you of
all unwanted movement.

How BenGuard® works    •    Product overview

  • Someone tries to
    move an object (it could happen
    while you're there)
  • The BenGuard® sensor
    detects the movement
    and informs the supervisor
  • The supervisor
    triggers an alarm and/or
    a defence system

Benguard® protects your valuables directly,
while a classical alarm only protects an area!

Discover its many practical applications
  • The BenGuard® Supervisor
  • The BenGuard® Sensor
Superviseur BenGuard

Available in black or red

Sonde BenGuard

Size : Ø42 mm x Thickness : 18 mm (1.65" x 0.71")
Color : Black

It is the electronic brain of the system

  • It warns you when a protected object is moved and specifies the exact object. It triggers the included siren, sends an SMS or activates an existing alarm system.
  • Place it indoors or outdoors: the BenGuard® Supervisor is entirely waterproof and stands temperatures from -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 150°F).
  • 24 h battery life. No worry about power cuts: the Benguard® Supervisor has a 24 hour battery life.
  • It is compact, discrete and tamper-proof. It is auto protected and warns you in case of breaking, vandalism or power cuts.
  • The LCD screen guarantees an intuitive sensor management (functioning tests, alarm status, sensor de-activation, history, siren test).
  • The Supervisor communicates constantly with the sensors fixed on the protected objects. Just as if each object had its own antitheft device!
  • You can easily start and stop monitoring by typing a code.
  • You can supervise up to 255 sensors within a 70 meters (230 feet) radius in a clear area (certain items, such as metal structures or thick walls, may reduce this distance).

The Sensor protects your valuables

  • The sensor is fixed on the protected object or hidden inside of it. At all movement, it sends a signal to the BenGuard® Supervisor.
  • At the slightest detected movement, the sensor alerts the BenGuard® Supervisor, who triggers the siren or the defence system (if such a system is installed).
  • Life time: the equivalent of 5 years of usual functioning, from activation (under conditions).
  • The supervisor informs you when the Benguard® Sensor battery is low; you can easily replace it with a new sensor. We’re currently working on a withdrawal and recycling system for sensors and will soon be able to propose it.
  • The BenGuard® Sensor is made to be used indoors, but also and especially outdoors: it stands temperatures from -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F) and 100% humidity.

BenGuard®: easy to set up, easy to configure

  1. Superviseur BenGuard

    Fix the sensor to the object you wish to protect. It is 100% waterproof and tamper-proof.
  2. Superviseur BenGuard

    2. Create a pairing between the sensor and the supervisor, then name the sensor – follow a simple procedure.
  3. Superviseur BenGuard

    That's it!
    Your object is protected!
  4. Superviseur BenGuard

    You can easily manage your sensors, add or remove them from the system.
Produit Catalogue BenGuard

BenGuard Starter Pack® Black


Produit Catalogue BenGuard

BenGuard Starter Pack® Red


BenGuard® Starter Pack
to start safely

Start your installation with the BenGuard® Starter Pack.
It comes with all the necessary items for the setup:

  • Your BenGuard® Supervisor and its power supply
  • 5 BenGuard® sensors
  • A Siren to warn you of all malicious attempt
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