It’s only natural that you have questions about BenGuard®.
On this page, we’ve anticipated the answers to most of these questions.

What is BenGuard®?

BenGuard® is a ground-breaking surveillance system for objects. Unlike classical systems, which only secure an area, BenGuard® warns you of the slightest attempt to move a protected object. Just as if each object had its own antitheft device! Secure your bonsais, statues and other valuables even when you’re there. BenGuard® is efficient against theft and vandalism. It is easy to set up and easy to use, indoors but also (and especially) outdoors.

What does BenGuard® protect?

With BenGuard® you can secure all objects that can be moved: bonsais, plants, paintings, statues and all other valuables. It has many different applications: you can secure items displayed on an exhibition, construction site machinery and equipment, funeral items. BenGuard® can also secure sensitive openings (trapdoors, doors and gates, balustrades, pool ladders, etc.)

How does BenGuard® work?

BenGuard® warns you of all unwanted movement. That makes all the difference with classical surveillance systems, which only secure an area: you can walk freely nearby protected objects; movement attempts only will trigger the alert.

The BenGuard® Sensor, fixed on the object you wish to protect, sends a signal to the BenGuard® Supervisor as soon as the object is moved. The Supervisor warns you via the integrated siren or via an existing surveillance system (e.g. your home alarm system).

What is BenGuard®’s operating environment?

BenGuard® is made to work inside, but also (and especially) outside: the Supervisor and the sensors are robust, completely waterproof and self-protected.

All BenGuard® components stand temperatures from -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F) and 100% humidity.

You are alerted at the slightest attempt of theft, breaking or vandalism of the BenGuard® Supervisor or sensors. Someone tries to unplug the Supervisor power supply? The system goes on functioning impeccably during the Supervisor battery autonomy (at least 24h). The siren warns you when the battery is low.

What is the BenGuard® sensor range?

The BenGuard® Sensors have a 70 meter (230 feet) range in a clear area around the Supervisor. Certain items, such as metal structures or thick walls, may reduce this distance). Test reception quality before choosing the supervisor’s final place.

How to install it

BenGuard is easy to install and configure.

Plug the BenGuard® Supervisor power supply (12V) on a 220V 50Hz electrical outlet. If you want to use BenGuard in a location where there is no electricity, you can also plug the Supervisor onto a car/ motorbike battery.

Connect the Siren to the Supervisor (follow the Instructions for Use supplied with the product).

Follow the sensor activation procedure to pair the sensors with the Supervisor and name each sensor. In case of alert, the BenGuard® Supervisor will indicate the exact concerned sensor.

Fix the BenGuard® Sensors to the objects you wish to secure (if you wish to protect plants or bonsais, you can simply hide the sensors in the pots, as they are entirely waterproof).

How to pair the BenGuard® Sensors with the Supervisor?

The pairing procedure between the BenGuard® Sensors and the Supervisor is a sequence of movements to apply to each sensor. Then you name each sensor, so you can identify the exact object in case of alert. The procedure is detailed in the product Instructions for Use.

What equipment do I need to install BenGuard®?

No equipment is required. You simply plug the BenGuard® Supervisor on an electrical outlet or a car / motorbike battery and pair each sensor with the system. BenGuard® requires no wiring, no phone subscription, and no additional costs.

Can I install BenGuard® myself?

Yes, BenGuard® is made for an easy setup; all you need to do is follow the instructions supplied in the product box.

I already have a surveillance system and I want to install BenGuard® in addition

You can interface BenGuard® to an existing surveillance system. You can connect the system to your home alarm or to another existing surveillance system. In this case, the BenGuard® Supervisor will be recognized as one of the monitored areas. In case of alert, you are warned by the existing system.

If you wish to connect BenGuard® to an existing surveillance system, we recommend that you have it set up by the professional who installed that existing system.

What is the Starter Pack?

Start safely with the BenGuard® Starter Pack: this ready-to-use package includes all the needed system components:

  • The BenGuard® Supervisor and its power supply; all you have to do is choose the colour (red or black)
  • The 12V power supply for your supervisor, to plug on a 22V 50Hz electrical outlet.
  • Fixing lug covers, in the same colour as your Supervisor (red or black)
  • A set of 5 sensors you can add sensors to your order or buy sensors later, according to your needs.
  •  Siren and its 2m (6.2ft) cable.
  • A set of BenGuard® stickers to place at the entrance of your property or nearby protected objects.


I need more sensors than supplied with my Starter Pack

The BenGuard® Supervisor can manage up to 255 different sensors. You can purchase additional sensors in our online shop.

I have questions about the siren

The siren included in the Starter Pack has a 110DB sound level. It is compact and entirely waterproof. The siren is powered by the Supervisor (12V) ant self-protected. It comes with an internal battery allowing to trigger the alarm as soon as the connection wire to the Supervisor is cut. You can connect one or two sirens to the Supervisor (e.g. one inside and one outside) or replace it with another siren if you wish.

What is the life time of a BenGuard® sensor?

Life time: 40.000 communications with the supervisor, the equivalent of 5 years from activation (following certain precautions specified in the Instructions for Use).

How do I de-activate the system?

You wish to move BenGuard® protected objects? You can de-activate the system from the Supervisor keyboard. Please note that only the Supervisor and siren will be de-activated. The BenGuard® sensors will continue to function and send signals at all movement, until battery exhaustion. In case of travelling, lasting or repeated moves on the monitored object we advise you to remove the sensor and leave it still or to de-activate it temporarily from the Supervisor keyboard.

The BenGuard®sensor battery is low. What should I do?

When one of the sensor batteries is low, the BenGuard® Supervisor warns you. All you need to do is remove the sensor and replace it with a new one. Our development team is currently working on a withdrawal and recycling system for sensors and will soon be able to propose it.

How about power cuts?

The BenGuard® Supervisor is self-protected against power cuts. The internal battery guarantees its power autonomy. When the battery is low (after at least 24h autonomy), the Supervisor triggers the siren and warns you.

What if the thief destroys the Supervisor to neutralise the system?

The BenGuard® Supervisor is self-protected and works as an independent sensor. At the slightest malicious movement, destruction attempt or power cut (see above), you are alerted by the supplied siren or the existing home system.

What if the Supervisor is taken away to leave the sensors out of range?

The BenGuard® Supervisor works like an independent sensor: in case of movement, the system triggers an alert.

I want to buy BenGuard®

See you soon in our online shop!

You can buy the BenGuard® Starter pack to start safely, as well as additional sensors to complete your installation. You can also buy BenGuard® components independently and set up your custom installation or complete it.

I want to distribute BenGuard®

Contact us directly to join our Reseller Programme.

Where is BenGuard® manufactured?

BenGuard® is made in France. The manufacturing process respects all the current rules and regulations. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

The product is registered with the INPI (the French National Institute for Industrial Property) and with the OHMI (European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market).

Who invented BenGuard®?

BenGuard® was invented by Bonsaïolo, a bonsai enthusiast, well-known in this field for the last 20 years. Following the increase of bonsai thefts, Bonsaïolo imagined this simple and efficient protection system (bonsais are particular plants which can reach very high prices). Very quickly, BenGuard® proved useful in other fields: protection of statues and paintings, surveillance of sensitive material and other valuables.

The product is developed by Balin Engineering in France (Vosges region).

Our advice to make the most out of BenGuard®:

We remind you that the sensor battery life time is proportional to the amount of information sent by the sensor to the Supervisor; information is sent every time the sensor is moved, even if the Supervisor is out of service.

To preserve the battery life time, we advise to remove the sensors from the monitored objects when you move these objects on a long distance (e.g. when travelling to an exhibition) or when performing long maintenance actions. You can also de-activate the sensors from the Supervisor (see above).

If you use BenGuard® to protect bonsais and / or other plants, it is wise to mark the exact placement of the sensors, which will make it easier to find them later. You can also choose to always place the sensor in the same spot (e.g. the rear left corner of each pot).

My question is not on the list, I contact BenGuard® directly.

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