BenGuard® Sensor

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BenGuard® Sensor

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The sensor is fixed on the protected object or hidden inside of it. At all movement, it sends a signal to the BenGuard® Supervisor.

When the Benguard® Sensor battery is low; you can easily replace it with a new sensor. We’re currently working on a withdrawal and recycling system for sensors and will soon be able to propose it.

Life time: 40.000 communications with the supervisor, the equivalent of 5 years from activation (under conditions).

Diameter: Ø42 mm (1.65"); Thickness: 18 mm (1.65" x 0.71")

Colour: Black

BenGuard® works as an anti-theft device protecting objects directly, while classical surveillance systems only protect an area. Learn how.

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BenGuard® Sensor 201 -6,00 €
BenGuard® Sensor 76 -5,83 €
BenGuard® Sensor 26 -3,13 €
BenGuard® Sensor 11 -1,28 €

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